I'm a lifelong animal-lover, nerd, and Reno resident. When I'm not developing, I am spending time with my wife and animals, reading, writing, riding my bike, or snowboarding. I am a coffee and whiskey aficionado. I make tasty vegan baked goods.

I have master's degrees in Information Science and Creative Writing, and my undergraduate degree is in English Literature. Aside from a few classes in grad school, I am largely self-taught as a developer or have learned on the job. I have an incurable case of imposter syndrome.

I occasionally write about the intersection of information science and science fiction/fantasy (and other assorted geekery) over at scifibrarian.com


Vegan (animals are not for our use). Love is love. Feminist (trans women are women). Black Lives Matter. Environmentally conscious. Wishes the world was more like Star Trek. Believes there's no such thing as a dumb question.

My heroes

Ellen Ripley. The whole Enterprise D crew. Captain Janeway. B'Elanna Torres. Seven of Nine. Dana Scully. Sarah Connor.