I am providing both a summary of my experience with various tech, languages, and libraries, as well as a more detailed accounting of how I've worked with these things. Listing a language on a resume is only the beginning of the story and often doesn't provide an accurate picture of how a developer has actually used that language in practice.


Full-stack developer: 4.5 years

I have formally been a developer for 4.5 years, but have done some front-end development for around 10 years. I have experience working with .NET, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JS (various libraries). I have worked on everything from database design, stored procedures/views, replication, and ETL to APIs, services, and MVC applications to accessibility evaluation and remediation, as well as creating mock-ups, UI designs, site information architecture, and a style guide.

Research librarian: 9 years

Wait, why is this here? My work as a librarian helped me learn how folks look for and think about information and how it is organized. And while we didn't use full-on SQL databases, we did design and build databases using DBTextworks; this was my training ground for how to think about data structure. I also helped maintain the front-end code for the entire Division.

Languages, libraries, etc. I've worked with