How often I use

I probably use some variety of Javascript on a daily, or almost daily, basis.

My skills with Javascript

I am most familiar with vanilla JS and jQuery, as I started using Javascript in the early 2000s and that was just what you used. These days, I've worked in a number of additional frameworks and libraries. I am still getting used to ES6 and its syntax.

Frameworks and Libraries


I can write a good chunk of jQuery without needing to look up the syntax, but, for whatever reason, I always have to look up how to write an Ajax request even though I have used Ajax for 7 years or so. A lot of the code throughout my workplace's website uses jQuery in one way or another. I can use it to add or remove classes, submit forms, listen for various events, and loop through result sets.


I haven't written an entire web app in Node.js, but I have used it to create small helpers such as the bulk edit script listed under my projects and a helper that used Puppeteer to scrape some data. I have also helped write a couple Electron apps (noted below).


I started working with Gatsby and React a little more than a year ago and have since built a few sites using it, including this one.


We have built a couple of small-scale Electron applications at work now and I have a basic understanding of how to wire one up and get it running.