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Primary technologies, frameworks, and patterns used

Gatsby, Javascript, GraphQL, react-bootstrap, Syncfusion grid

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About the Project

This is another solo project of mine in which I wrote all the code, managed the tasks and project, and worked directly with the stakeholders.

The Research Division has been using Prismic for over a year now for their publications. They create a record for each publication and we render out pages that list the publications, broken out by subject. We have an intermediate service that listens for the webhooks from Prismic, cycles through all of the content and flattens it into a json file, and deploys the json file. Several pages are wired up to point to the json file as a data source, which works, but isn't ideal.

To make all of this more seamless, I have built a Gatsby project that will automatically generate (1) pages for each content item (of which there are >900) and (2) pages to replace the static HTML pages that were hooked up to look at the json file as a datasource, such as the "all content" page, the "feature content" page, and the subject pages.

One of the reasons for creating this solution was so that Research could put more content on the web rather than just in PDF documents. This will be better for seach (once we get Elastic wired into the site) and reading content on an HTML page is easier for users on a phone or using assistive technology than reading a PDF. With our recent push to make our site more accessible, we are encouraging divisions to get content out of PDFs and onto the web since PDFs are often harder to make accessible.